June 20th, 2011 | Posted by snuggle in Uncategorized

We have a new momma and babies in our care.  We received a call about a young female terrier at a kill shelter in Illinois.   Shortly after taking Roxie in as a stray the shelter noticed she appeared to be pregnant.  After some careful planning of transportation Roxie was brought to us last week.  She is a gentle loving soul with the most amazing eyes you have ever seen!  When we first got her she smelled of urine and had a sore on her back, most likely due to rubbing on her cage but she was all smiles and very affectionate.  She was given to our pregnancy guru to foster.  Roxie settled in quite nicely the first night and after an x-ray it was determined she had 5 possibly 6 puppies.  Foster mom reported that Roxie was very close to giving birth and with the huge storm we had last Thursday night foster mom woke up to 6 healthy nursing babies!   Roxie is a delightful mother and is still a happy sweet girl!  All are doing very well in their private  room and Roxie is even learning how to use the bathroom outside.  After the puppies are weaned they will be up for adoption through one of our approved rescued groups.  The pups have doubled their weight since being born and have nice round bellies.  When I visited over the weekend Roxie remembered me and I was greeted with sloppy wet kisses and a slap of her ever moving tail.  She will be a remarkable companion.

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