Puppy Madness!

July 14th, 2011 | Posted by snuggle in Uncategorized

Oh the joys of motherhood right Roxy?  Looks like Roxy and Foster Mom have done a most excellent job in getting the puppies to a nice healthy three weeks!  Hard to believe that in such a short time these little babies have grown this much!  They are now on solid dry puppy food and will soon be weaned.  Roxy is still pretty protective of her babies but is also clambering for Foster Mom’s attention just as much as the pups!   All puppies are very well socialized and love to play with you and gently nibble your toes.  When I visited this week I was greeted with lots of vocal hellos and several belly rubs were requested.  They are your typical playful, joyful balls of lovin’ – except none of them care to be held for long

periods of time.  That’s okay – at the rate they are growing they won’t be super small dogs.

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