Puppy Love

July 25th, 2011 | Posted by snuggle in Uncategorized

A momma beagle was brought to the Emergency Clinic in O’Fallon, MO pregnant as can be.  She was having complications and during her c-section she slipped away to the Rainbow Bridge along with two of her infant puppies.  One of our neonatal experts took the litter home and gave them the medical and emotional care they needed.  Despite all seven puppies being some what healthy at the beginning, we would lose two puppies in the coming weeks.  Being a foster means that  you take the good with the bad and when it’s bad …. it really hurts.  But the five surviving puppies are all healthy, bouncing balls of fur!  They are adorable as the day is long and have the cutest personalities.  There are four boys and only one lone girl in the entire bunch.  We speculate that the daddy was an Australian Shepherd by their markings.  They are truly miracle babies and are ready for adoption through Heartland Humane Society.  Many thanks to foster mom for enduring all she did to keep these precious animals alive!

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