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Debbie has been caring for these puppies since birth. They came from Caseyville, IL. They rounded up a lot of dogs and were unable to determine who the mother of the puppies were. There were three but we lost Kaley the second day. When we got them they were very hungry and took to the bottle well. Kojak (has the white on his face) and Katie were 2 weeks old as of October 27, 2011 and gaining weight quickly, their eyes are open. If you touch them they think it is time to eat. Still not sure if they are lab mixes or pit mixes.

Irene and Babies

Irene was in an animal control facility in Illinois and was going to be put to sleep the next day if a rescue group couldn't be found for her. Irene was heavily pregnant so not only would her life had been ended but the life of her unborn puppies would have been also. She was heavily infested with fleas, had severe hair loss and her skin was bright red. First thing for her was a bath in soothing oatmeal shampoo and then a dry, clean bed. The day after she arrived at her foster home she started having her puppies, She had one without any problems but struggled with the second. It was stillborn. The 3rd and 4th came quickly but she continued to struggle. Throughout the next day she had 4 more puppies at the vets office which were all stillborn. The 3 surviving puppies did well and grew into beautiful, healthy puppies.

Lola and Babies

Here are pictures of Lola and her new family of 9. Lola was found in East St. Louis with a pack of dogs. Monroe County Humane Society had been feeding them when they noticed that Lola was pregnant. They contacted us to see if we had room for her where she would be out of the elements and able to raise her puppies in safety. They had her xrayed to see how many puppies we could expect to have. The best the DVM could tell was she was having at least 6 puppies. After 2 weeks at her foster home she delivered not 6 but 9 puppies on the night the Cardinals won the world series. We have 2 girls and 7 boys; 2 brown and 7 black. Lola is a great momma and has been taking good care of her babies. We are so happy that we were able to help ensure this loving girl a safe, dry, loving environment where she can raise her puppies.


We have a new momma and babies in our care. We received a call about a young female terrier at a kill shelter in Illinois. Shortly after taking Roxie in as a stray the shelter noticed she appeared to be pregnant. After some careful planning of transportation Roxie was brought to us last week. She is a gentle loving soul with the most amazing eyes you have ever seen! When we first got her she smelled of urine and had a sore on her back, most likely due to rubbing on her cage but she was all smiles and very affectionate. She was given to our pregnancy guru to foster. Roxie settled in quite nicely the first night and after an x-ray it was determined she had 5 possibly 6 puppies. Foster mom reported that Roxie was very close to giving birth and with the huge storm we had last Thursday night foster mom woke up to 6 healthy nursing babies! Roxie is a delightful mother and is still a happy sweet girl! All are doing very well in their private room and Roxie is even learning how to use the bathroom outside. After the puppies are weaned they will be up for adoption through one of our approved rescued groups. The pups have doubled their weight since being born and have nice round bellies. When I visited over the weekend Roxie remembered me and I was greeted with sloppy wet kisses and a slap of her ever moving tail. She will be a remarkable companion.

Momma & Orphaned Racoon

Momma is a cockapoo that we recently took in. She was at the shelter when one of our volunteers pulled her a couple of days ago. The volunteer knew that she was pregnant or had a tumor and could not stay at the shelter. Upon further information we learned that this 12 year old dog had been used as a breeding dog. She was turned in with two other dogs by her owner who had been evicted from a local motel. Once Momma was taken to the Pet Doctor she soon gave birth to two babies; however, only one survived. Most likely due to momma's age. No 12 year old dog shld be having puppies. At the same time Momma was brought into the vet - there was an orphaned baby raccoon there being hand fed. This is where your Daily Awe comes in - The question on everyone's mind was "will Momma nurse the baby raccoon?" There was only one way to find out! Truly amazing!


Nadia is our latest furbaby. She was handed over to SNUGGLE by a 76 yr old man who saved her from the cold harshness of living outdoors. He brought her and her brother into his home but quickly realized that he could not care for her properly with her ailments. When she arrived at SNUGGLE she was necrotic, full of worms, fleas and very thin. After x-rays we learned that her hips are broken and that is what causes her deformity. At this point she is receiving antibiotics for her bare skin, healthy food and tons of TLC. Once she has completed her antibiotics and has healed she will then be ready for surgery - of some sort. We are not sure what kind but at this point no vet can attempt a surgery w/o risk of major infection. She purrs at the sound/sight of humans and is the softest baby!

Blitzen and Rudy

Rudy had a cleft palate, surgery has corrected the problem, his brother Blitzen is with him to make sure he doesn't get too spoiled. These kittens received the proper surgery from The Pet Doctor and are now in their forever homes!


Rear legs are paralyzed. Being fitted for new wheel chair.

Kitten Named Jackson

Water Meter person found the kitten stranded on the sidewalk. Jackson still had its umbilical cord when it was found its eyes closed ñ Jackson lived for 4 weeks ñ he had multiple infections that could not be overcome.


Bumpkin was born with no back feet ñ and lobster front feet and a solid bone tail and his kidneys are not the same size Bumpkin born 9 21 2007. Bumpkin currently 2yrs old. Bumpkin was not expected to live past the age of 1 He had surgery to remove his tail because it was impeding his urinary output increasing urinary infections, he also had his deformed front claws removed and currently is doing well in his foster home. We also have provided photos of Bumpkin with his new family.


Rear legs paralyzed due to improper developement of spine. Now walking after physical therapy and acupuncture. One of the vet techs fell in love with her and now Shug is a pampered pooch!


Bob was shot in the jaw, we were unable to fully rebuild the jaw but he has been adopted and is now in his forever home. Misty says "He's with my good friend, Barb, she adopted him. He's doing great! she's retired so he gets lots of lovings and play time with his new brother."


She was running with a feral colony and they were brought in for spay/neuter. SNUGGLE normally does not take in feral kittens but everyone said how sweet she was and she did not act like a feral and her leg was messed up badly and needed attention. After x-rays and further testing the vet concluded that her bones on her right front leg never grew correctly and as a result she had no movement or control over the bottom part of her leg. She would merely drag it around - notice the red sore she developed in the third picture. She had no feeling in the leg whatsoever and it needed to be amputated. They removed it and she's been a happy baby ever since. She's come out of her shell and plays w/ her sister Lucy (also a rescue) and runs up and down the hall and stairs chasing her sister constantly! She does not realize she is missing a leg.


Missing part of one leg.


Crush and Nemo were born prematurely and their umbilical cords were wrapped around their back legs. A full amputation was not an option as these babies both have scoliosis. Walking on their "numbs" is not an option either as it will lead to open sores. Fortunately, a local prosthetic company volunteered their services and are fitting these two guys with back legs. These two boys are made of pure sugar and are the most loving cats you will ever come in contact with.

Snaggle Puss

Missing part of jaw, will need surgery.


Born with no eyes.


Siamese found in middle of the road.